Walgreens - Roanoke

Walgreens - Roanoke,VA
Walgreens - Roanoke,VAStore size: 14820 sq ft, Completed August 2009
Walgreens - Roanoke,VA

Walgreens - Roanoke,VA

JRCC contracted for the Walgreens freestanding building only on this project located in an out parcel of a development that included an existing grocery store.

The building is a masonry and steel structure that has a masonry and EIFS veneer to match the existing grocery store. Beyond the masonry and EIFS, other notable differences are the custom color storefront frames and drive thru window as well as a concrete tile roof on the tower. Shutter awnings were also installed on turnbuckle hardware in place of the standard canopies.

The interior is a metal framing and drywall system with all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and monitored fire suppression systems. Interior finishes include paint, FRP, masonite, acoustical ceiling, VCT and ceramic flooring.

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